Infant Care Program (Ages 3 to 12 Months)

This program is created for a seamless transition from home to school. Since children develop more in the first two years, our classroom is filled with toys and books. This helps your baby grow at their own pace. We also have individualized schedules, amazing educators, and safe classrooms.

Our teachers sing songs and read stories to encourage language acquisition, and infants are held while given bottles. We encourage self-feeding of finger foods, bottles, and sipper cups at appropriate ages and with parental permission.

Each infant has ample opportunities for tummy time to help strengthen the neck, arms, and core muscles. We stimulate rolling, reaching, pushing, pulling, holding, and grasping for body skills development. Our teachers encourage infants to crawl and walk by spending time on the floor and providing them with stable furniture to pull up on.

We appreciate you trusting us with your infant’s care and education. Our team is committed to making this first transition away from home easy and natural for you and your child.