Older Toddlers Program (Ages 2 to 3 Years Old)

We understand that toddlers are always full of excitement, energy, and natural curiosity. Our team welcomes all that because we know that it is a part of growth and learning. In fact, we encourage our toddlers to run, walk, climb, ride. We also provide them with opportunities to sing, dance, experiment, and play with sand and water.

At Campbell Academy, Inc., we teach simple rhymes, songs, stories, and names. The movement, dancing, and music will be used by our teachers to encourage further development of gross motor and language skills. Our teachers will continue potty training in cooperation with parents. With our help, children will master washing their hands upon entering the classroom, after potty, before and after eating, after coming in from outside, and whenever necessary.

There will be circle time and small group projects. These interactions will introduce toddlers to collaborative learning that is focused on cognitive development, language and communication skills, physical development, as well as social and emotional development.

Children at our facility will learn through play and exploration, such as identification of ABCs, shapes, colors, and numbers. We will also guide them in sorting various attributes such as color, size, and shape. Our staff will teach them self-help skills like putting on shoes and positive social interactions with other children.