Preschool Program (Ages 3 to 4 Years Old)

At Campbell Academy, Inc., we know that children become more curious every day. However, their increasing vocabulary, along with exciting leaps in logical thinking, makes the developmental stage fun and challenging.

Through hands-on learning, your child will be introduced to literacy and number concepts as well as cooperation and communication skills. They will also be given an increasing sense of independence. With our help, your child will learn about self-direction, self-reliance, and self-esteem.

In our safe learning environment, we have activities to develop literacy, mathematical thinking, problem-solving skills, and creativity. We also focus on foundational skills such as the following:

  • Pre-Reading Skills: Teachers read stories to children and ask them to interact. They are encouraged to look at books and tell a story by looking at pictures, increasing their vocabulary through dialogues, songs, dramatic play, and music
  • Pre-Writing Skills: Teachers organize small muscle activities so that children can recognize and write their first and last names. This also helps them identify and write letters and numbers
  • Pre-Math Skills: Math opportunities are provided in small and large groups in addition to the math center. There are also simple science concepts via hands-on experiments, cooking, and other projects
  • Physical Coordination Skills: Age-appropriate dance, music, games, and free-play are used to develop gross motor skills
  • Social Skills: Focusing and collaborating to stimulate imagination and encourage social, emotional, and language development. Through dramatic plays, children are encouraged to work in small groups or independently. The circle time includes songs, morning messages, and discussions on theme-related subjects